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Achat et Vente

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Vous vendez vos choses et/ou en achetez d'autres ?


This forum is for personal use only.  It is there for the association and forum members to sell and buy.   Any commercial ad posted without prior authorization will be deleted without notice.

Rules for ads.

1. Pictures are mandatory for physical item.  Your own pictures are preferred but if you can't use some then you can use images found on the web as long as you indicate that the are not pictures of the actual item.
2. You must put a price and indicate wether it is fixed or negotiable..
3. Optionnally, let other know if you are willing to ship or deliver when it applies.
4. "Bumps" are allowed as long as there is no abuse.  Our sell and buy forum is very seldom used so you will probably not have to do it anyway..
5. Ads are valid for 30 days.  After that they will be deleted unless you post a reply to indicate your items are still up for sale..

Please think about forum members and visitors and modify or reply to your ads to remove sold items or mark them as sold.  Nobody likes to think they found what they were looking for only to be told "Oh sorry, this was sold a long time ago". .....................if it sold then it is no longer for sale and no longer belongs in sale ad :)




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